Our Services

Personal Transport

We cover every aspect of human mobility, supporting our client’s everyday needs as they move in and out of their operating area be it air, land, or sea.

Management Solutions

We have built a solid and reliable network management across West Africa and Central Africa enabling us to operate in the same high standards as we do here in Nigeria.

Project Management

We deliver quality and standards akin to the North West Europe and North America market place which is usually demanding and unpredictable.

Assured Delivery

Through thorough understanding of the terrain and the associated risks, we fuse local knowledge, tactical know-how, administration and management skills to ensure safe transport throughout the entire movement pipeline.

Procurement Solution

We assist in identifying, purchasing and the movement of items specific to logistics support.

Journey Management

Integrating safety, security and logistics across air, land and sea. To ensure safe transit through the operating area to the client’s desired end location.

Secure Transport

Enabling secured, smooth, assured and efficient personal transport solution within the given operational area.

Fleet Management

Providing management solutions and ensuring the viability, durability, serviceability of key logistics enablers

Movement Support

Advising and providing enabling functions to assist in the movement of personnel and materials