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Who We Are.

CEFO LOGISTICS: A Nigerian owned and operated logistics company, focused on enabling great access to the sub Saharan market. Dedicated to enabling our clients to freely and safely access the Sub-Saharan market, we provide front-end logistics solutions.

Security Guaranteed

Is Everything

A delivery focused company, whose ethos is honed from experienced professionals who understand the local market, but enhance our delivery by working to international standards. Providing an assured service to our clients. Understanding the very complex and in some cases restive security situation in Nigeria, we have spread our capacity to providing full spectrum security solutions. We pride ourselves  in extending professional services always.


Secured Transportation

Enabling secured, smooth, assured and efficient personal transport solution within the given operational area.


Management Solution

We have built a solid and reliable network management across West Africa and Central Africa making us a market leader.


Project Delivery

We deliver the quality and standards akin to North West Europe and North America in what is a trying and unpredictable market place.

Your Security. Our Mission.​

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

making a start

CEFO Premium Logistics, harnesses the numerous logistics capabilities already available in the local market and harnesses them into a single, sustainable, assured solution. Able to compete with capabilities across the world.

We actively enhance and develop local capacity and capability, which enables our clients save money, as it reduces the requirement for capabilities to be brought in to the local market. In doing so, we enable the greater access for international business and individuals, developing sectors, that would otherwise remain stagnated.

Founded and managed by Ex-British Army professionals, CEFO Premium Logistics delivers management driven solutions, which not only offer assurance but also accountability and sustainability.
To remain the market leader, we focus on our key capabilities, combined with Planning & Management

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From developing as a vehicle provider to private clients, entering Nigeria for a short time, we have matured into a fully-fledged security company with a wide array of security and logistics solutions for both foreign nationals & indigenes.

Growing to the level of advanced technology security measures, we are the right person to discuss your security challenges with.

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