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Primarily designed to:

  • Gather information from ground sources, open sources, client intent,
  • Analyse information, fusing it with local knowledge to produce actionable data, in order to enable  quick decision making
  • Enable communication between multiple points of presence, through a single manageable vehicle

Which in complex operating environments is vital in order to mitigate risk. Our operations room, has now grown to underpin every operational activity undertaken by CEFO Premium Logistics.

It enables us to project presence, through technical means far beyond the confines of our office and even country. Able to link up seamlessly with:

  • Overseas client hubs
  • Multiple deployed teams
  • Logistics
  • Partners both home and abroad

Enabling us to coordinate complex activity, trigger crisis management protocols, whilst maintain operational awareness, locally and regionally.

All this whilst still providing cost effective and robust solutions, providing assurance to our clients and transparency. This develops trust and gives our operators freedom of action, enabling them to focus on the task at hand, confident that they have the full support of admin and management team, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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From developing as a vehicle provider to private clients, entering Nigeria for a short time, we have matured into a fully-fledged security company with a wide array of security and logistics solutions for both foreign nationals & indigenes.

Growing to the level of advanced technology security measures, we are the right person to discuss your security challenges with.

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