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Provision of vetted vehicles and drivers for personnel transport. Coordination of mass transit moves. Our logistic support staff have a tried and tested vehicle fleets of vehicle and can cater to very unique needs.

  • Bullet proof vehicles
  • SUV and salons
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Mass transit vehicles

This unique team is built on the knowledge of shared experiences, which enables us to apply international best practice and fuse it with unique local knowledge.


Uniquely Nigerian provision, through the development of Nigerians who have served in either the British, Nigerian and American Militaries, as well as civilian trained security professionals.


Part of our security delivery, these escorts are selected and inculcated in our operating procedures. Drawn from government security forces, the only provider of armed security in Nigeria.

Our drivers are well trained in defensive driving techniques while our Escort Commanders are also experienced in route planning and convoy movement to ensure safety of all our clients.

From single dignitaries, diplomats, to large travelling groups, with diverse equipment. Our delivery partners also are capable to book luxury and private travel, providing a unique
travel experience.


Provided by our delivery partners, we have a tried and tested airport travel process. Reliable and robust, our airport support staff have dealt with a wide variety of clients.

risk mitigation & planning

As part of our solutions we infuse, risk analysis. We can also offer these services, to enable them to make informed decisions on what capabilities to request, when travelling.

Our assessments can focus on specific areas, or certain aspects, significant acts/events, time of year. With our unique knowledge of the terrain and ability to move with relative freedom through the Sub Saharan African Region, we can get ground truth.

We have fused the operations of the Government Security Forces, civilian provided security and community engagement, to enable greater freedom of movement and action for our clients.

management & consultancy

Managing the security envelope ranging from Federal Government Projects, private sector mining and oil and gas, CEFO Logistics has planned, developed and deployed turnkey integrated solutions.

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From developing as a vehicle provider to private clients, entering Nigeria for a short time, we have matured into a fully-fledged security company with a wide array of security and logistics solutions for both foreign nationals & indigenes.

Growing to the level of advanced technology security measures, we are the right person to discuss your security challenges with.

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