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Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Cefo Premium Logistics

We understand the need for fusion in all aspects of security provision, which means:
Inclusion of the community within the security envelop
Government security forces, both armed security and investigative branches
Cefolog has, over the past three years operated in both the Oil and Gas and mining sectors, offering:
  • Security coordination services
  • Risk mitigation
  • Incident management
  • Government Security Force liaison
We are a homogenous operation between government security forces. Given the raft of different organisations and agencies involved in securing critical national infrastructure and personal, we offer bespoke solutions, maximising the capability of each organisation providing:
  • Close protection and journey management
  • Fixed point security
  • Route/traffic management
  • Investigation/prosecution
  • Intelligent
  • Rapid reaction and interdiction
  • Rural security and patrols
All of these are uniquely fused through CEFO with community delivered security solution, which adds an extra dimension to our pre-emptive security solution.
This strategy has been tried and tested in the Niger Delta and various mining location through the South west and North Central.
We understand that no two situations are the same, however, with our tried and tested tactics and techniques, we aim to keep you one step ahead of the next incident and or crisis.

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From developing as a vehicle provider to private clients, entering Nigeria for a short time, we have matured into a fully-fledged security company with a wide array of security and logistics solutions for both foreign nationals & indigenes.

Growing to the level of advanced technology security measures, we are the right person to discuss your security challenges with.

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